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Gear List

Camera: Panasonic AG-AF100 1080P Fixed Lens Camera, Panasonic HPX-2000 P2 HD camera, Panasonic AG-HDX200 HD P2 Camcorder, Sony DXC-35ws 4:3 or 16:9 Beta SP, DV cam

Lenses: Carl Zeiss  ZF 25mm/2.4, 50mm/2.4, 80mm/2.4, Lumix 14mm Pancake Lens, Lumix 14mm-140mm, Canon 17x7.6 HD lens, 17x7 Canon 2x IF w/wide angle adapters

Tripods: Sachler 2stage Video 18's,
Hotpod 18, Spider Dolly

Lights: Kino flo Divas, Arri 5 light kit includes: Chimera, Chimera Pattern Holder with 7 backgrounds, reflector, basic grip kit. Ultra light sun gun.


Audio: Sound Devices 552, 5 channel field mixer, Shure FP-33 mixer, 5)Lectrosonic W/L UHF, 2)Tram Lavs, EV handheld, Sennheiser shotgun with fishpole. Wireless to camera.

Decks: Panasonic HPG-10 “P2 Gear” Panasonic HD-1200A HD VTR Sony UVW-1800 Sony DSR-20 Field Monitor: 8.4" HD Monitor,Sony PVW1410, Sony PVW- 8045-4:3, 16:9, (A/C, battery powered), Samsung 24”HD LCD.

Backgrounds: Chromakey green/blue, Black, Grey chromatics 20’x12’.