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Why hire Motion Video for my next project?

We have more than15 years of experience in the Chicago market. Our crews are timely, efficient, personable and creative . We have worked and performed successfully with many companies in the broadcast, corporate and advertising industries. Many of our clients have been with us for several years, marking their satisfaction with our product. Motion offers the state of the art on location and video acquisition equipment to assure connectivity with all of today’s video formats.

What can you offer that “Bobby in accounting with a film degree and a home production camcorder and laptop“ can do for a much lower price?
Motion offers years of experience meaning we offer a quality product. Someone else could shoot the video but the lighting, the sound, and the interviews will not be the professional and high quality look and sound Motion provides their customers with. In a budget-conscience economy, Motion will offer a quality product at a reasonable price.

What is Panasonic P2 format?
It is a solid state memory format. Similar to an SD card that can record large files of HD video in the camera. The cards can then be inserted directly into PCM slot of computer for ingestion into non-linear edit system. This format has essentially eliminated the use for videotape.

What is ENG or EFP?
ENG is a behind the scenes term for Electronic News Gathering. The term refers to one and two-man video acquisition crews. Motion offers A completely portable production team that is skilled at shooting, audio, lighting for television. EFP = Electronic Field Production. A video production outside of the studio, shooting on a larger scale, often involving multiple cameras, dollies and cranes. A larger crew is also employed.

Can you take me to Maui?
The most often asked question at Motion Video. We have been lucky enough to cover the Mercedes-Benz Championship PGA golf tournament in Kapalua, Maui for the past 4 years. We bring a four person crew to cover all the excitement at and surrounding the best event on the PGA tour.